In order to display the entries on the front end of your site, Funeral Tributes Pro will require the creation of two pages. The first will display all of the current published entries that still have upcoming services that have not passed. The second page will display the details of a selected entry. The content on these pages is displayed with WordPress shortcakes. Below are the shortcodes available for use.

  • [ftpro_entries] – Displays all of the entries that still have upcoming services that have not passed.
  • [ftpro_entry_detail] – Displays the details of a selected entry. This includes specifics on the deceased, as well as locations of viewings, services, and cemetery. This shortcode will also display the Guestbook, Locations Map, as well as the Donation Form is the option is enabled.
  • [ftpro_search] – This adds a search field for all entries, even those that have passed in date, so long as they are marked as published. This is typically used in conjunction with with the [ftpro_entries] shortcode.

Note: Before creating these pages, please check your pages section in WordPress as FTPro may have created these for you upon initial installation. If so, you may need to make modifications to the page settings to ensure that they display correctly with your chosen theme. It is typically advised that you use a page template that does not have sidebars.

If you create the pages yourself, please ensure that you properly define the page in the FTPro settings otherwise the pages may not display properly.

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