When creating a website for your business, using a website builder is a tempting option. Easy, affordable, fast – we get the appeal. However, there are many reasons this isn’t a good idea, especially if you work in the funeral home industry. Here are five reasons using a funeral home website builder is the wrong choice for your business.

1. A funeral home industry website builder restricts what you can offer

A website builder generally only gives you the option to include a limited number of pages. This is sometimes even as basic as one single page with a couple of images and your contact details. Funeral home businesses should offer their clients so much more. Not just to differentiate from competitors, but to ensure that they’re helping make such a difficult time a little bit easier. By using a funeral home website plugin like Funeral Tributes Pro to enhance a bespoke website for your business, you’ll be able to enhance your WordPress site with a modern obituary system. This will allow you to display key information more effectively and better showcase your obituaries.

2. Using a builder means you’ll look the same as everyone else

We don’t need to tell you that the funeral industry is one that requires an immensely personal touch. Your clients need to feel like they are being taken care of at every step of the way and that they have chosen a professional who can help make the process as seamless as possible. By creating a website that is unique to your funeral home, you can ensure that all aspects of your business are sending the right message. You’ll have a greater chance at achieving this by developing a website from scratch rather than using a funeral home industry website builder, which will leave you with a generic and impersonal website.

3. You’ll have limited customization options

It’s important for your website to reflect your brand and your company’s unique personality. This is true no matter what industry you’re in. Creating a website with a builder means you’ll be limited by what you can change. For instance, you may not be able to adjust the colors or fonts to suit your branding. If you’re not happy with the structure of a page, chances are, you will not be able to make any significant design or development changes. Building from scratch gives you endless versatility and the opportunity to truly capture the essence of your brand and your services. This cannot be underestimated when it comes to creating a welcoming and functional funeral home website that gives clients the very best impression.

4. Your website will undermine your business

When it comes to using a website builder, it doesn’t matter how expensive the builder, it will always look like a cookie-cutter template. Considering your website is often the first chance your business has to make an impression on a prospective client, you want to ensure it’s as striking as possible. With a sleek and professional website that’s customized to your brand and loaded with features that your clients will appreciate, you’ll give your clients a much better experience while visiting.

5. Your website might not be user or mobile-friendly

Another important consideration when building your website is your user experience. Often website builders are weighed down with unnecessary code which can affect the performance of your site and negatively impact your user-experience. You also want to make sure your website offers a responsive layout that your clients can access on the go from a variety of devices. Often website builders are only built for desktop users, which means anyone viewing your website on a mobile device won’t have a good experience. Considering stats prove that more people are viewing websites on their phones than their desktop computers, this is something you definitely want to get right.


You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is. Give your business the bespoke website it – and your clients – deserves.

It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. By working with WordPress, you can create a beautiful, custom funeral home website. As part of the WordPress development process, you can install the affordable and versatile Funeral Tributes Pro plugin to add obituary functionality to your website.

Find out more about the Funeral Tributes Pro obituary plugin here.